Saul Bookey

About the work

Corridor Sim is a game demo created as part of my Level Production module. My friends and I joined a group to produce a short psychological horror game set in a seemingly never-ending corridor. As the game goes on your begin to realise not all is right here and it is your goal to escape, and at the same time discover the mystery of what happened there.

I was the group’s Gameplay Programmer and I used Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint visual scripting language to program all of the mechanics of the game, from a portal system, an inventory, interactable objects, a pause and start menu and even a noir mode option, the game features one main ending and two other “endings” adding some replayability to the game.

It was a great project and allowed me to push myself and my knowledge of Blueprint more than I ever had, and has set me up with my goal for the coming Summer and for my final year, to make a game using C++.

Student Bio

I have just finished my 2nd year at Confetti, and despite the challenges the pandemic presented, the course still provided an excellent quality of teaching and content. Industry Week allowed me to enhance my portfolio greatly and I have now created my own website/portfolio which I use to share my work, using the advice given to me during Industry Week.

I realised following the end of my first year that gameplay programming is what I want to go into and thanks to the confidence-boosting from my tutors I feel like I can make this happen and get to where I want to be, which happens to be working for IO Interactive in Denmark, something which my tutors have given me a lot of advice and one to one calls with.

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