Shane Le-Good

About the work

The building of choice was the Advanced Manufacturing Building in Nottingham, which is situated on University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus and showcased a unique modern design. My idea was to take such a modern building and convert it to a run-down building, this building unique characteristics presented that opportunity for myself.

Extensive research was then carried out into the building’s blueprints and layout. Although it was not possible for me to obtain exact measurements, I used alternative methods to get highly accurate ones.

There were many days where I would be outside the building taking photos of all angles, to ensure I could cover it all and try and add each detail of the building to the final product.

With the creative freedom we had, I was able to turn this building into anything I wanted. I therefore converted it into an abandoned research facility, adding rain, post-processing and fog to accompany the theme in mind.

Student Bio

My Games Production course was one of the best choices I could have made; I was not fully sure on what I wanted to do as my career had taken such a sudden change. Although once I started the course, I was met by some of the most enthusiastic and supporting tutors. The creative freedom given by them on assignments throughout the years allowed me to develop all areas in games design – whether this be 3D modelling, games engine work or even industry-specific projects.

I was offered many opportunities over the three years. We had Industry Week every year where we could meet people from all over the industry, giving us such a broad understanding of what it takes to get into it. We also had opportunities to do group work, throughout the second year I was lucky enough to lead the CAMHS project, where this presented many great opportunities and challenges. Although with the support of my team and tutor we were able to make some progress on the project.

Now after completing the course, I aspire to continue my passion for teaching, I will be starting my PGCE training in Computer Science and ICT, and hope one day to return to teaching game design to future students and inspire them the same way I have been inspired.

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Best Game Project of the Year 

Shane was awarded Best Game Project this year for this particular project.

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