Storme Duke

About the work

For the Audio and Sound within Visual Media module, our major submission was to create audio for the projects that were chosen. In my team, we helped each other during the course and all decided on what to do whether it was choosing the projects to work on, what sounds would be needed, recording dialogue and sounds and ideas for the composition for Akira and so on.

We chose to collaborate with the Animation course and chose to work with the Séance animation and choose the Akira bike scene as an extra project. Throughout the year we would book out the Foley room to create sounds and the recording studio for recording dialogues. This module was the most creative and fun module as I was able to create these projects in any way I liked, such as the composition, when to place sound effects and how to mix the audio. Overall, the finished product was a success and I am very proud of the work completed, and the progress I have made. It all adds to how proud I am to be at a great university.

Student Bio

I was new to Confetti prior to starting within my 3rd year of the course and I have loved every minute of being here. The teaching staff are understanding and knew what position I was in so they made me feel welcomed to Confetti. Confetti is a great university to go to for audio and music tech as it is an amazing place to be such as the teachers, the facilities and the great teaching that they provide.

There were opportunities in the year such as Industry Week and offers for students to partake in helping with a film, which is amazing and shouldn’t be passed up.

For the future I aspire to either work in a recording studio such as recording and mixing bands or take a different path of working within TV and films such as creating sounds by Foley or recording and mixing dialogues within the project.

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