Suhel Ahmed

About the work

My project is a 3D environment set in feudal Japan era. The location and castle in mind was to be a ghost setting which is why it was named Yurei.

To create the environment, I created all of my 3D models in Blender 2.82 with many modifiers and techniques in mind (symmetry, array, lattice). When the models were complete, I would use substance painter to texture them along with custom made materials and packs.

The final step was putting all of my assets into Unreal Engine 4 and setting up lighting and designing the level layout so it would look great from any perspective.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has taught me the passion and hard work that is required to be in this field through different events, talking to developers, networking with different games community and the lessons and lectures given by the tutors has helped me a long way.

The advice the tutors have given to me has helped me understand the industry and topic at hand and further elevate my skills as a 3D Artist every year. I aim to improve my skills and understanding of my field every year as well as experimenting in a field that I am not comfortable in.

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