Zac Hall

About the work

This project began with an idea. I knew from the outset I wanted to create a creature for my visual effects sequence. I’ve always liked creatures that are an amalgamation of two or more animals.

Our project needed a theme and a message, and so I decided to focus on pollution and to make my creature a result of rapid evolution to survive the melting polar icecaps. From there I drafted the first design and began the modelling process. I started with a simple Z-sphere mesh before slowly adding in the necessary body shapes and details. When I had a shape, I was happy with I began the sculpting and texturing process.

With the help of the advice of an industry professional, I was able to create a startling and striking design that I could then bring into Maya for rendering.

Student Bio

As someone with high-functioning autism, Confetti did everything it did to both accommodate me and treat me as an equal.

The facilities were incredible, the staff always helpful, the support is amazing. I’ve been to so many different events and showcases, I’ve gotten feedback from real industry professionals. I’ve heard and seen things I never thought I’d see.

I am so happy that I was able to attend Confetti, and now I feel the confidence to go out into the world and look for the career I want.

You can you check out more of Zac’s work on his Youtube channel, or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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