Ethan McKenna

About the work

Throughout studying at Confetti, I have become more interested in video design and operating for live events. Throughout my second year, I researched the historical development of both video technology and how it is used in theatre and live music. Two of the areas in history which stood out to me as having a key impact on how we use projection today was the Epic Theatre movement and the beginnings of the Laterna Magika theatre company with Josef Svoboda.

The techniques and processes developed by these designers still impact on video designers today, particularly within theatre. I am interested in exploring how successfully this can be transferred into live music and gigs. My project involved doing initial research into these designers and techniques and then using WYSIWYG to create my own designs based on this research.

I used Metronome as the location for these designs and also explored what kind of content was traditionally used by these designers to match the designs.

Student Bio

Despite studying in unexpected circumstances, I’ve had great opportunities to explore different roles within events and work on live-streamed gigs. I’ve worked on different shows this year such as The Crying Violets single launch, Unknown Era and Marvin’s Revenge all from Metronome.

Industry Week was a great opportunity to hear from all the guests and I was able to learn about things directly related to my course like tour management and lighting design as well as other areas such as animation and graphic design which are more personal interests.

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