Tom Smith

About the work

During Covid we were able to use Metronome to live stream many events to audiences at home.

From these events, the raw audio could be used to practice my mixing skills at any time without pressure.

Mixing for a live audience has different challenges compared to mixing for a broadcast, so it helps me learn different areas I didn’t expect to be learning. This set was recorded in Metronome and is a selection of 9 songs. This is just one band of many I’ve been able to practice my skills with.

Student Bio

Since starting Confetti, I have learnt so much in a short space of time with the practical focus of the course giving me a hands-on experience.

The number of events Confetti and Metronome produce mean I’m constantly being challenged by new ideas and work. Events and opportunities like Industry Week, BBC Introducing and Splendour Festival mean I can lean and apply my skills from Confetti practically, but also shadow off of industry professionals.

The staff and tutors help immerse you into the ‘real world’ of freelancing.

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