Jack Kamionko

About the work

A superhero comedy cartoon about a class of wannabe heroes with less-than-heroic powers; the first cartoon produced in Unreal Engine, utilising the process of cel-shading to give 3D models and environments a 2D appearance.

Agents of Dume takes place in an original realistic superpowered society, meaning the series explores what would happen if superheroes existed in today’s society of idolising celebrity athletes or the latest trends; so the flamboyant heroes with the flashy powers hog the spotlight, whilst the genuine heroes are often shunned by society and the ranking system for being boring.

The series follows the students of Paragon Academy, each year is made of 5 class groups A-E, class A is made up of the elites, the students who were groomed their entire lives to become the best of the best.

However, this isn’t the story of class A. This is the story of class E, the students who were lucky to even get a place at all; the rejects who have to work and fight for everything who’ve been told their entire lives that they aren’t fit to be heroes due to their odd, useless, and quirky powers. But class E aims to prove them wrong and prove that they do have what it takes to save the world.

Student Bio

Getting into games development had always been my lifelong ambition, and Confetti finally gave me the skills to achieve this dream.

Although I came to Confetti with that goal in mind, this year I found that I’d be faced with the challenge of creating something new, a creative way of using existing technology. While this was unexpected, I found that my time at Confetti had prepared me for many areas outside of the games industry, and decided to attempt a unique, and possibly the first of its kind; a cartoon made in Unreal Engine.

Creating my own cartoon had always seemed like a fantasy, yet the support I received from both tutors and peers gave the push I needed to set me off on the right path so that I can now work towards publishing it professionally.

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