Nathan Thomas McCubbin

About the work

My current master’s project is a comparative analysis of Commercial and Home studios, as with current digital technologies being more affordable, accessible, and sometimes simpler than older analogue gear.

It begs the question of whether Commercial studios and traditional methods of recordings are still viable when compared against project/home studios and there in the box/all in the computer based studios.

The work is far from finished, so the main pieces being shown within my showcase is the Acoustic Analysis and two mixes I did for a listening test. The acoustic analysis section is trying to find out which is better in terms of acoustical treatment and modal resonance.

The listening test takes two versions of the same song, one version mixed in a Home Studio and the other version mixed in a Commercial Studio and I am doing a blind listening test to see if selected individuals can tell me which they prefer without their biases.

Student Bio

Started at Confetti back in 2013 and have loved it. Started on a Level 2 Audio and Music Technology course and my end goal was to gain as much knowledge as I can, so of course, that meant getting a Masters Degree. And maybe a PhD one day, but I am too eager to get working for more education.

I have been able to go to all the Industry Weeks since I started in 2013 and all of them were amazing, getting to listen to professionals within my area is definitely inspiring and they helped uncover some tricky mysterious, they were always more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

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