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The film follows a detective arriving at a gruesome crime scene moments after the murder of their police captain. Investigating the scene along with forensics officers reveals that the killers were close to the captain and left behind no trace. Just as the detective is about to give up he realises the murders never left the scene of the crime and were in fact the forensics officers. This was the largest scale production I’ve attempted so far containing the most actors and crew I’ve ever worked with in one production. This was also the most intensive post-production I’ve ever attempted for a film with 21 VFX shots in total.

For most of the pandemic restrictions we wanted to make the most out of the space we had available and spend weeks planning the set design, costumes, and props to make the most believable environment we could. With my co-producer being my flatmate, our flat quickly became a pre-production office, set, and post-production studio. It was certainly hard work especially being a producer, lead actor, editor, and VFX artist, but I’m so proud of what we’ve managed to create as a team.

Student Bio

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to film all across Nottingham and further out, working with some inspiring people. Getting involved with the Nottingham based ‘Music for Everyone’ charity was an incredible experience, getting to know the people, their journeys and why they do what they do.

Industry Week provided some indispensable insight into the wider industry, with talks from some of my childhood heroes such as Russell T Davies and Jack Howard. Being part of and eventually becoming president of the Improv society allowed me to continue my acting roots and work with incredible actors, making many important connections.

The skills and experiences I’ve gathered in my time at Confetti are truly the foundations of my career as a filmmaker, the confidence, professional communication skills, ability to lead a production, as well as understand and work with actors all contribute towards my dream of one day becoming a self-sufficient filmmaker.

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