Kirsty Macadam

About the work


Director, Writer, Editor and Producer – Kirsty Macadam

DoP and Camera Operator – Cameron Furnival-Watling

Sound Recordist and Boom Operator – Benjamin Karrass

Production Assistant and DIT – Simran Kumar

 A group of friends meet up for their fortnightly games and trains night. But tensions among the group soon arise and causes one member to go off the rails…

The End of the Line is a short film that tests the bonds of friendship and family, ultimately asking the audience ‘what are the lengths they’d go to, to protect the ones they love?’

The End of the Line came to fruition after I found an old train track at my grandparent’s house with all the accompaniments – trains, carriages, and stations. I wanted to use this seemingly innocent premise of a group of friends playing with the trains and underpin it with darker themes.

The pandemic had a large impact on the production with shoots delayed, auditions hosted over Zoom and access to equipment limited. It provided a huge challenge, and I am extremely proud of my entire course with what we managed to achieve as third year film students in a global pandemic.

Student Bio

After recently graduating from Confetti, I hope to pursue a career within the film industry, specifically as a producer or 1st AD.

I have had countless opportunities whilst studying at Confetti through Industry Week, Notts TV, Splendour Festival, Film Production Club, the Industry Practice module during my second year on top of the practical nature of the course which has allowed me to work with external actors and my peers to create various short films.

I have not only gained skills within areas such as pre-production, cinematography and editing but also I have become more confident and have enjoyed every minute I’ve been at Confetti.

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