Chloe Rodgers

About the work

Working in small groups we were asked to produce a trailer for a television drama production, the main purpose being showing off our camera skills and our ability with various pieces of grip equipment.

Working as a group we slowly developed our story ensuring that we were to still create this with all the limitations that covid was presenting at the time.

Luckily, as well as having some access to the kit from Confetti, my group had various other cameras and kit that allowed us to create a lot of our footage while in lockdown.

I’m really happy with how this has all turned out, the trailer looks really impressive considering all the limitations we faced, and I’m looking forward to developing these skills further in my final year of study.

Student Bio

When I began my studies, I was originally studying Film Production. Then in my second year, I decided to move onto the TV Production course. This move allowed me to get involved in several shoots and projects and allowed me to produce my documentary.

It’s been great this year to work with outside organisations and musicians and to really feel like you’re producing work for clients.

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