Lewis Fletcher

About the work

This film was produced by my entire class, with each of us taking on roles that suited our talents best. Working as a group we slowly developed our story ensuring that we were able to show off the best of our individual abilities, be it post-production, camera work, or even acting.

Overall I’m very impressed with the level of work we’ve managed to create given all the limiting factors of this year, and it really shows what we were able to do when we worked together.

Student Bio

During my time with Confetti I’ve been able to work on a whole host of different projects ranging the entire scope of TV Production. I’ve always been eager to learn more about working in the industry, and my time at Confetti has allowed me to do just that.

As I leave Confetti I am doing so with a rich portfolio of work both from my assignments and work I have done in my own time.

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