Georgia Rae Alvery and Harry Stokoe

About the work

For this assessment we were asked to produce a live television show as a group, that would allow us to use the studio, gallery and live production equipment.

During the planning phase, there were lots of different aspects that affected our progress, we made several adaptions to our ideas as well as changing several of the crew roles as we started to figure out who was suited to each role.

Covid brought our practical production lessons to a complete halt in term two, and as Easter got closer and closer we did start to worry about how long we would have to practice in the studio before our final assessment.

Luckily in April, we were able to get back in and start practicing again, and we didn’t waste any time. We made full use of any time we could access the studio to practice we did.

I’m really impressed with what we were able to produce in such a short amount of time and really impressed with how well the whole group performed under pressure.

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