Eli Ellis

About the work

My projects at the moment almost seem too disparate to be created by the same person. However, this is entirely intentional and not to mention, entirely my work. I have a lot of influences from both the music I grew up with (which was mainly electronic music like UK Garage and Jungle/Drum and Bass) to the music I studied, both in and outside of academia. These two songs almost represent the opposite ends of the spectrum with my music taste and the music I continue to make will fill in that spectrum.

‘I Don’t Know’ is an experimental jazz fusion ballad taking elements from orchestral music, RnB and lilt grooves. The sections of the song contrast between intimate acoustic/traditional based instrumentation vs electronic instrumentation. This reflects and contrasts the idea of vulnerability vs pure chaos.

‘Your Energy’ is a UK Garage influenced song which features an incredible rapper/MC who I met on my course. When writing the lyrics to this song, all I could think about was somebody dancing in a club to this song and other people surrounding this person are astounded by this person’s energy.

Student Bio

As a musician of many genres I feel that the resources Confetti offers  freed me to explore the realms of my imagination unhinged. I’ve learned so much about studio work, production, composition and have also gained general musicianship from my time at Confetti and it’s just the beginning.

Industry Week this year gave me great insight into the production side of the course which I really enjoyed, and I gained a lot of valuable information from that week.

I really want to make use of my time at Confetti as the resources are simply unreal and I’d be hard pressed to find somewhere else with facilities like this. The resources have helped me to create my first release(s) on Spotify this year. I’ll be sure to release as many tracks as I can throughout my time at Confetti and also dip my toes into Nottingham’s live scene.

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