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Our project this year was a 4 track EP. However, we wanted to create momentum over a period of time rather than just a project which has only one focal point. So instead we released two of the tracks as individual singles before the EP so that we had a 16 week release plan.

We recorded every part of the EP at Confetti using studio time both in and out of curriculum hours and outsourced the production to our producer, meaning we saved money on studio time. The music in this project is our best work yet and we are very proud of it and the signature sound we have begun to create for ourselves.

Student Bio

We formed the band at Confetti and were quickly able to hone our craft thanks to the great facilities and availability Confetti has to offer. We had a lot of opportunities that allowed us to expand our experience such as the talent show, the Confetti tour and showcasing at the 25th anniversary party.

In addition, there’s also been plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge straight from many top industry professionals during each year’s industry week which is something I’ll really miss. As well as being instrumental in getting our band formed and off the ground, Confetti has been crucial to our career as it provides a place we can record and produce music with state-of-the-art technology for free.

As uni students, finance has been a problem with the band and if we didn’t have a way of creating top quality tracks for free we maybe would’ve never been able to really get into this as a career.

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