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About the work

For my Recording Studio Practice module, I recorded and mixed two of my songs, one being a cover of ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads, and one being an original of mine called ‘Sunshine’. I started out by planning the arrangements of the songs in Ableton with demo takes, and when I was happy went to create a more finalised version of both.

My personal writing/mixing process relies on a lot of trial and error. I prefer to be in an environment where me and a few other musicians are essentially throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks, as I find the result is more authentic and original. For me, Going through a load of options for each part of the arrangement provides a better point of comparison and a better overall perspective of the piece. It isn’t the most efficient, but in my opinion, this kind of experimentation works great and produces a more polished final outcome.

Student Bio

I’ve just finished my first year at Confetti, and even with covid affecting our time in uni, it’s been a great year filled with opportunities. My tutors have been great, and the whole course, especially in the time we have been in university, has been entirely geared toward my own creative direction.

I have never felt held back creatively which was a worry on a course like this, and have only ever received fantastic advice and help from my module leaders. I hope to use the advice, guidance and studio time along with my own independent study and work in the industry to release an EP/short album in the next couple of years.

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