Katie Lyle

About the work

I got the opportunity to work on the Confetti single with my band The Crying Violets to release our recent single ‘Broken Dreams Club’ which we got to record with producer Mo Hausler, recording a music video alongside the release. We also performed a livestream performance.

I also worked on a podcast throughout the year called ‘Music Gals’, which was an Instagram page and podcast addressing the gender imbalance in the music industry through chatting to women working in a number of roles, to offer support, inspiration and advice to those wishing to work in these positions in the future. I incorporated this as part of my Marketing and Branding project, where I got the chance to work with mentor Aja Ireland, who was a huge support in me building the page and the brand.

Student Bio

I began writing and performing music from a young age and chose to study at Confetti to pursue this.

Throughout my time at Confetti, I have had the opportunity to network and connect with many people in the industry and form my band.

The tutors and staff have been supportive in offering advice on whatever we are working on and giving us constructive comments to think realistically about our work and what we can do with it.

I feel through taking up opportunities offered to me I have managed to build myself a strong foundation to start my career in the industry, where I hope to go into music marketing and continue performing in my band.

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