Rob Baynes

About the work

My project on Composing for Visual Media for my second year involved taking footage from a source, in my case the game DOOM Eternal, stripping it of all audio and composing music for the visual from scratch. I previously had a passing interest in composing for games, however, I found the layout and teaching of this module hugely engaging and dived straight into composing.

My source of visuals, DOOM Eternal, has an award-winning soundtrack already that I am a huge fan of. The style and blend of synthesis, electronic music and modern metal I found appealing and decided I wished to compose in a similar style.

I started off creating a rough structure for my pieces following cues from my visual sources, and began to play around with ideas, melodies and rhythms as well as composing guitar and bass parts in low drop-tunings and inputting midi drum parts.

My process eventually led me to use the studio space to record guitar tracks and attempting bits of atmospheric sound design using samples found online and specific Logic plugins available to Confetti students. The tutoring for this module was insightful, and in-depth feedback helped to compose tracks that I am ultimately very happy with.

Student Bio

Hi, I’m Rob. I joined Confetti in 2019 and I was working full-time and gigging for a few years before applying. I play in a hard rock band called The Howling Tides – we’ve released original music on all platforms and toured the country before the Covid-19 pandemic. I also compose and play music outside of the band and aspire to eventually make my way in the industry composing music for films, TV and games.

Despite having already been in the music industry before enrolling, Confetti has given me access to knowledge, facilities, and opportunities I would not have otherwise had. Studying Music Performance has enabled me to develop my skills as a guitarist, singer and songwriter and has helped me evolve my compositional ability and theory skills both in and outside of my band.

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