Luka Dumić

About the work

Before writing the track, my vision was to create something that had a subtle techno feel, while enticing the listener via ambience.

A lot of experimental decisions were taken throughout the production process. For example, I layered multiple pads to create the introduction. Furthermore, it took some trial and error to work out how I could best manipulate the automation on a particular instrument.

The break is my favourite moment in the track, as this is where everything slows down. Tension is relieved and the track is allowed to breathe for a short while until the final section comes in.

Student Bio

As an Electronic Artist, my main focus is to find a sound palette I can use and manipulate to tell a story within my tracks. I want to create an atmosphere full of emotion, but with enough movement and rhythm for the listener to move their head to.

During my first year at confetti, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my work. Alongside the compositional and performance aspect, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge within the recording process and working with other people.

Being featured on the Confetti Album 2021 was a great opportunity for me to showcase my work. Not only has it given me a boost in confidence, but I feel rewarded after all the hard work I’ve put in.

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