Gaddiel Nketia

About the work

For my final year project, I decided to build on what I learnt in the “Composing Music for Visual Media” module during my second year and continue working on the art of composition. I’ve always had an interest in epic/cinematic music and therefore decided to take the opportunity to compose and build a catalogue of trailer music, which I can then send out to film/music supervisors.

Some of the processes involved in finishing this project are collaborating with course mates and industry professionals, programming and arranging orchestral sections, FX sound design, mixing and mastering and pitching to professional media companies.

Student Bio

Changing my course during my first year of university from Computer Science to Music Performance was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only has studying music at Confetti allowed me to learn about the music industry, but I have also gained first-hand experience with performing opportunities, workshops and building a network with creatives – not just musicians.

During my first year, I had the opportunity to do a live recording during Industry Week, as well as performing at the end of year Degree Showcase. These types of opportunities, as well as course modules that cover a variety of fields in the music industry such as Marketing and Branding, Composing for Visual Media and more, helped fuel my desire to pursue a career in music.

Now that I have finished my journey at Confetti, I’m aspiring to work as a session musician, sound designer and composer.

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