Alexandra Barnett

About the work

Throughout our second year, we were tasked to create work for both live clients and ourselves for a final major project. I believe I can work in diverse styles. For instance, for my client briefs, I have worked in painterly styles, as well as graphic design. My personal style is heavily influenced by anime and comic books. I just love to create characters.

Creating character art is my passion and something I want to pursue as my career in the future.

I tend to imagine my characters whilst listening to music and start sketching faces that match the song. It sounds weird but it works!

I use a lot of visual inspiration from things in my room, artbooks and images online. I make rough sketches, building up the level of refinement till I am happy and then go in with the line art which is my favourite part! My personal IP this year was a ‘racing game’ set in the UK based on boy/girl racers. I love to combine my style with gritty and adult themes as I love the juxtaposition.

Student Bio

I grew up playing games, watching anime and martial arts films with my dad. I have always known I wanted to work in the creative industry from a young age. As I enjoyed drawing and art and the Games Art course was like a dream come true.

When I joined Confetti, I only had some rough sketches on office sticky notes to offer, but after a year on the college course and two years on my BA I now have two portfolios and art I can be proud of.

At Confetti I have been able to develop my own art style and refine it through the wonderful and specialised teaching I have received. I have seen an improvement in my work and in my own confidence. I have been able to attend events such as Industry Week and got to work for industry clients in my second year. Thank you, Confetti!

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