Rebecca Jane King

About the work

In this brief, I wanted to redesign folklore creatures to be more accurate to the stories and myths they come from. I read a lot of folklore about them to create an idea of the creature and then researched the environments and animals around them to help create something that could potentially fit in that environment.

My Project, called Skepna Safari, was meant to be a phone game. This meant I wanted a more friendly, approachable style that would appeal to mass audiences. I often found in my original artwork that the colours of the characters were never saturated enough, this was where our tutors would arrive to encourage me to bump up the saturation (always worked!).

I created numerous creatures and some UI for this project, creating mock-ups of the game as well as some promotional art as my final pieces. I am still sad I never got to show everyone the glory of “him of the hands” (He’s an octopus with hands at the end of his tentacles).

Student Bio

I’ve been here since the Level 3 Games Art course at the college side of Confetti. I’ve made a lot of fantastic friends here, and I wouldn’t part with a single staff member I’ve met along the way either.

The opportunities I have been given here, thanks to Industry Week and the client briefs through the university have been truly inspiring and exciting. All of my teachers through my entire career here have been enthusiastic and wonderful, they are in of themselves inspirations to me, and I owe a lot of my development to their enthusiasm and desire to help me grow.

When I leave I fully intend on pursuing a career in creature/character conceptualising or modelling. I adore creating creatures, and I’ve begun to love the same in 3D too. I like to create plausible worlds and characters, and I cannot wait to help breathe life into games.

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