Joshua Bastareche

About the work

During my second year of Games Art, I was given three briefs to work from, two of them were from industry professionals and the third was my final major project.

The two client briefs allowed me to create characters and environments that would fit their world or game environment. I had created pre-visualisation sketches of characters and environments and then further develop the ideas that seamlessly blend in with my client’s ideas. After that, the sketches are developed and refined through rendering.

The third brief allowed me to create my own setting for a game idea. I thought of what things inspire me the most, which was the fantasy genre and Japan. I took those themes and meshed them together to create a high fantasy setting with heavy cultural influences from East Asia. Thus, I created several iterations of characters that would fit my setting and did final renders of the ones I have found the most interesting and exciting to look at. Lastly, I created an illustration as the key art for my game to give the viewer a glimpse of what my game setting could be if it were to be developed.


Student Bio

Throughout my time in Confetti, I had learned so many things to further develop my skills in creating art for characters and environments. These skills included using compositions, the elements in art, and colour theory.

Confetti made me work alongside professionals from the game industry such as Anna Hollinrake from Mediatonic and Harvey Parker from The Multiplayer Guys. The brief that was given by them and the direct feedback that was provided helped me prepare a portfolio for the games industry.

After just finishing my second year of the course and moving onto the third year, I am excited for what is to come.

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