Jay Greensmith

About the work

My idea for my final major project that I worked on this year was an action/adventure game with fantasy and cyberpunk elements that I named Dual Souls, featuring Melanie and Eleanore as the heroines of the story, which would link to another original project of mine.

During this project, I used both my 2D and 3D skills to produce character design iterations through visual research, final design pages (and alternate design pages), character bio pages, key character art for the pages and brought everything together in a final piece of key art.


Student Bio

Studying at Confetti has undoubtedly helped me to grow as an artist, and as a person – seeing my artistic progress from my first ever week to today is amazing, and I doubt I could’ve done it if it weren’t for the support of my tutors during my time here so far.

I’ve been able to experience working with live clients and learning from industry professionals, following set briefs while working individually and collaboratively, and have been able to lead my own independent project, all of which has allowed me to explore different styles, techniques and ideas and expand my skillset.

In future, I’d love to go into character and/or creature design, since I’ve really developed a passion for those over the years. I’m always aiming to continue to improve and try out new things, so I look forward to the future!

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