Mason Roome

About the work

When beginning this academic year, I very quickly came to realise my proficiency with the stylised aspects of character and environmental art, which was something I feel I had proven throughout this year with projects based around this art style.

The first project where I got the opportunity to show off my skills fully was with AuberGENE. With this assignment me and my peers were set specific requirements of what was expected of us and had to use a more cartoonish approach to line work and colours, giving more freedom for more outlandish ideas for both my environment and mecha piece.

The project where I feel I have truly shined this year was with my Final Major Project. Being an assignment based entirely on what kind of project I wanted to do, meant I had plenty of creative freedom with it. This was by far the most fun project of the year for me and really allowed me to focus on the skills I am best at.

Student Bio

During my time at Confetti, I feel I have come to learn more and more about the videogame industry and my place within it. Before I had joined the BA course, I was unsure as to what kind of direction I could take with my artwork, however, over the years and thanks to the projects and events this campus has provided, I truly feel like I have developed the skills and knowledge to take my first steps not only as a game’s developer but as an artist.

Throughout this year I have had the opportunity to work alongside my peers in collaborative projects, creating all kinds of things such as character art, environment art, mechanical art such as mechas and robots. These projects have given me an excellent experience in preparation for when I can finally work in a real videogame’s development studio in the future.

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