Owen Purdy

About the work

The project that really allowed me to go all-out on my artwork was definitely the final major project, where I had to make a sci-fi game idea that revolved around alien contact.

The story focused on a far future where technology had advanced allowing humanity to get closer to the center of the Earth, leading to them finding new resources to advance further. But little did they know these resources were used by another intelligent being that lived in secrecy on Earth, leading to a war.

This gave me a lot of creative freedom and lead to me creating some pieces I was really proud of. It also allowed me to combine both my 2D and 3D skills, as I was able to create my mechanical designs by first making a 3D model on Maya, then using it to paint over on Photoshop. I was also able to create a variety of different characters too, all with individual backstories.

I also worked on many other amazing projects, like making fan art for a charity exhibition using the same kind of techniques combining 3D and 2D. I was also able to make a fully playable visual novel with two of my classmates using Ren’Py, the game ended up including seven different endings!

I’m striving to continuously improve as an artist!

Student Bio

Without a doubt in my mind, I definitely feel like this was the right course for me. I’ve met so many great people and improved drastically from when I started.

I’ve undergone so many different and memorable experiences throughout this course which have helped improve my work and made me grow as a person. I’ve taken part in both independent and collaborative work, working with my classmates, people within the games industry, and even charities! I feel like over time I’ve poured more and more of my heart into the work I’ve produced and it’s really helped me decide on what I’d like to do in the future.

Check out more of Owen’s work by visiting his Instagram account or his ArtStation page.

Games Art Do it for Real Student of the Year

Owen joined Confetti on our Level 3 Games Art course, and has since gone from strength to strength. The Do it for Real award is all about making the most of industry opportunities that are available to students at Confetti. Owen was specifically chosen by the team at SpecialEffect for his fan art work on his Industry Practice module. He was also instrumental in the production of his collaborative project, his leadership and work ethic ensured that his team where a success.

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