Archer Griffin

About the work

Throughout this year, we have been tasked with various creative briefs for the course modules, covering multiple facets of games art creation in preparation for entering the games industry.

These briefs have allowed for full creative control and freedom of the art I produce, allowing for experimentation with different art styles in regards to both 2D and 3D asset creation, as well as experimenting with post-processing and particle effects within Unreal Engine as part of the Advanced Model and Sculpt module.

I have also been able to use the 3D skills I’ve learned to create 3D assets and implement them into pre-existing games using developer tools.


Student Bio

Deciding to study Games Art at Confetti was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Over these past three years, I’ve been able to drastically improve my technical art skills, and with the creative freedom offered by the course, I have been able to experiment and explore creative avenues I would not have considered.

Now that my studies at Confetti are finished, I plan to continue developing my skills and knowledge of games art in preparation for entering the games industry.

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