Hannah Dolby

About the work

Throughout the year we have been tasked with fulfilling various briefs and situations as preparation for professional life in the games industry – from group collaborations to exploring the logistics and laws of the world and exploring our own creative ideas to our best potential. All the while, we’ve been learning how to use the tools of the trade and think like a games professional.

Using my knowledge acquired from my previous and current years, I typically follow the design pipeline of image inspiration, to sketch/thumbnail generation, to fleshing out various views and ideas in finalised rendered states. As I go I imagine my ideas in a mental 3D space, to help the designs and assets be as logical and ‘realistic’ as possible – while maintaining my stylised, exaggerated approaches.

My main area of expertise is stylised, cell or painterly rendered characters, which I adapt as necessary to the brief or situation. Proportion is the key fundamental I have learned to uphold and hone, as it goes hand-in-hand with my prioritisation of the logistics of the design.

Student Bio

Joining Confetti was the best decision of my life, as it’s opened so many doors to my future.

From participating in the conversations during Confetti’s Industry Week to sharing my experience as a Student Mentor and Ambassador, there have been so many avenues that I have been able to explore to help myself grow as a person.

My dream is to work in the games industry and be credited for my work on a successful franchise in the future. Learning to use my voice as Course Representative has helped me grow my confidence to step up for what I want and believe in. Everyone is so accepting of who I am, kind and passionate about the subject, and it is a pleasure to work with everyone of all walks of life.

Check out more of Hannah’s work by visiting her ArtStation page or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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