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About the work

The Pre-visualisation and Production module entailed me working autonomously on producing various concepts and research for my own game IP – from looking into technical real-world aspects, such as the preferred platform and demographics to looking up regular visual inspirations for my designs. I also produced a project management document, which included various independently-set goals and deadlines, which allowed me to prepare myself for working to deadlines and schedules in the games industry.

The game I conceived was titled ā€œBattle of the Bandsā€, a 12+ fighter game of a roster of 12 musically-oriented alien species fighting for the chance to play for the galaxy. While my main aim was focusing on my character work, I also produced props and some brief environmental concepts in my final portfolio to expand on the world.

Similarly to my Pre-visualisation module, my Advanced Modelling and Sculpting module required me to also produce in-depth research into the logistics of my idea and keeping on top of my work with a production log – to create a game engine-ready modular 3D environment. I decided to create a gothic library, with each of the 25 total unique props used following the typical PBR Metalness pipeline in the Unreal Engine.

Student Bio

The opportunities Confetti has given me and the journey that was moulded by them has been life-changing; I was humbled to be the Course Representative for all three years of my degree, Student Ambassador and CERT Mentor in my second and third years, and given the honour to receive the Milo Kelly Rising Star award in my first year.

I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and skills that I have learned across these challenging three years from these opportunities, and Iā€™m incredibly grateful for the guests who spoke to us across the annual Industry Weeks – I learned so much from them too, and hope to soon put this knowledge and experience to good use. I have definitely grown as a person from who I was on day 1, and hope to keep growing as I aim to enter the games industry very soon.

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