Marina Shevchenko

About the work

1) My first artwork features an environment concept for the live client, which was influenced by the adult swim. To create this environment, I have used custom brushes, to mimic the art style of the exemplar artworks provided.

2-3) My second and third artworks represent the range of armour concepts for my Final Major Project “Feral Fights” – the role-playing adventure game where the player plays an animal character. I have painted one animal pose and duplicated it to draw each armour design on top of it.

4) The fourth artwork features the character concept I have done for my live client. The project aimed to create a set of artworks showing the Mantero word which is always sunny and cheerful. To paint my character, I have used textured brushes and tracing for the keytar. I have also used photobashing for the page design.

5) Fifth digital painting was the task I was given during the Christmas break. The task aimed to choose one photograph from the range provided and paint it without using the techniques, such as tracing, photobashing. I have separated my canvas and the photograph provided into squares and then painted my sketch with the use of different brushes.

Student Bio

Studying at Confetti has taught me a large range of techniques that have helped me to improve my digital art and 3D modelling skills, which I find important for personal strength and growth.

Despite learning new techniques from my tutors, Confetti also provided me with an opportunity to work with live clients, which prepares me for the industry, as well as hosting Industry Week with inspiring guests, which motivates me to produce the artwork that I am passionate about.

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