Ellouisa Lucy Wallace-O’Neill

About the work

The first piece is key art for the FMP project titled Temple Of Odin, a fast-paced Hack’ N slash inspired by the Poetic Eddas and current successful Viking games. I used a grayscale to colour technique for this piece in the hope to follow the path of my benchmark artists. I also took on a variety of feedback from tutors to Cert mentors and it really benefited the final outcome to have such a range of helpful input.

This is my original Design of Thor’s hammer for the FMP, I designed my own alphas to print the engravings onto the mesh in Zbrush. I really enjoyed texturing in Substance because it was the first time I had learned how to paint in emissive textures.

The last pieces are my 3D character – designed for a Nintendo inspired, puzzle game. I used an industry-standard pipeline, starting with software, such as Maya and Zbrush, for base mesh creation and high poly sculpting. After returning to Maya for retopology I moved onto Substance Painter to texture. I found a hands-on painting for texturing to be effective, and it worked really well with my intended style. Finally, I learned how to create materials from my texture maps in Unreal Engine 4 and render them successfully.

Student Bio

I have continuously progressed in both digital 2D art and 3D asset production since joining Confetti, both subjects I had no experience in before.

This year we have been consistently provided with the opportunity to collaborate and exercise a variety of soft skills necessary for success in the industry, such as; teamwork, communication skills and demonstrating leadership qualities. These have been pivotal in my confidence progression throughout the year, as well as offering me the ability to connect to other students on the course.

I now feel I possess a variety of industry-standard skills in multiple software, and I am also much more confident in my own artistic style and pipeline of production for game assets.

Instagram- ellouisaart

ArtStation- https://ellouisa_w.artstation.com/

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