Abi Penn-Smith

About the work

The creature that I have created for the Creature Design module, is based of a Qilin. This is a Chinese mythical creature that has the body of a deer and the tail of an ox.

This was created by using the software ZBrush in which I created the base mesh by using Z-Spheres and then adding further detail by using the ClayBuildUp tool. By using Z-Spheres I had a lot more control over the shape of the creature, by having the option to going back and making changes if needed. Once the base mesh was completed, I added finer details with the alpha tools to get imperfections and more skin detail to make it more realistic.

I then Quad drew the creature, this gave me control of how many polygons the creature is made out of for the rigging process.

Finally, I created the rig for this creature in Maya so that I could animate the creature.

When creating this creature, I did find it quite challenging, however, this was good as it meant I was pushing myself to do more research and getting better results.

I have really enjoyed the process of creating this creature and I am very happy and proud of the outcome.

Student Bio

This is my second year studying at Confetti, following on from a successful first year. I have learnt a lot from studying here so far and am really enjoying it. I have met many new friends and the tutors are very supportive and have provided meaningful feedback on my assignments. The opportunity to meet and listen to industry guests has been invaluable in further broadening my knowledge.

Studying at Confetti has allowed me to realise that I can be creative in different ways and not just fine art. One of these is being able to create my own creatures in the Creature Design module by using the program ZBrush. By doing this module it has given me the freedom to push my skills further and challenge what I can do.

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