Chloe Tanner

About the work

I wanted to run a creature through the same pipeline as the industry. I created a stylised cat creature, so that I can practice my skills with creating stylised content. The creature was conceived and sculpted inside ZBrush; Maya was used for manual retopology, rigging and animation; Substance Painter for texturing and Arnold was used to render the sequence.

Student Bio

Deciding to leave school and go to Confetti was one of the best decisions of my life. My journey started on the college course in 2016 and I enjoyed VFX so much I went on to the degree-level course where during the second year, I was introduced to ZBrush and the freedom surrounding Creature and Character design.

Thanks to Confetti, I was able to learn everything I needed to become a Creature/Character designer within the VFX industry. The amount of freedom tutors gives their students allowed us to focus on our interests and what we want to do as a career after we graduate.

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