Chloe Tanner

About the work

This creature was inspired by the Thanator from James Cameron’s Avatar.

The initial base mesh was created using a combination of DynaMesh and combining primitives. This gave me the flexibility I needed to experiment with forms and shapes until I was happy with the result.

The retopology of the creature was done manually using Quad Draw, which gave me full control over the placement of edge-loops which will give me the opportunity to add a facial rig when I become more proficient in that area.

I UV’d the creature for look development in my 3rd year – the UVs are set up using the UDIM layout which is a format used in the industry.

I built up the muscles using ClayBuildUp in ZBrush ? I added skin details and imperfections using alphas that I have adapted that are smoothed slightly to give a more organic result.

The creature was rigged and animated using Maya. For the preview images, I posed them in Maya and lit them professionally using area lights. I rendered them in the highest quality possible that my PC could handle.

VFX Do it for Real Student of the Year

Chloe has been a key member of the cohort throughout the Industry Practice module this year, in which she led the team in a whole class project and demonstrated excellent team management and interpersonal skills. She also jumped at every opportunity to network with guest speakers and form industry connections from this, including a series of mentors as a result of Access VFX visits, Industry Week and the series of VFX talks schedules across the lockdown period.

Chloe also took up the opportunity to receive feedback from a Creature TD at DNEG during lockdown and used industry-recognised project review software, F Track to liaise with the artists, gather feedback and develop here Avatar inspired creature project.

Student Bio

My journey with Confetti started in 2016 when I signed up for the Level 3 BTEC college course. I greatly enjoyed the teaching environment that the tutors offered, which convinced me to progress to degree level studying VFX.

The VFX course at Confetti does everything it can to ensure its students have access to all the information and opportunities related to their course to better prepare them for the industry.

Events such as Industry Week (both in Confetti and online) has given me the opportunity to expand my professional network and also get related feedback from industry professionals. These events have given me the confidence to branch out and network individually – something that I had struggled with previously.

I now have a small network built of which the professionals in that have offered to give feedback on my work whenever I need it.

You can view more of Chloe’s work at ArtStation or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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