Issac Manning

About the work

The work I am showcasing is the main 3D assets I created for the first year. A service bot, my ZEN1T camera and my Iron Giant, all modelled and textured by me. My Iron Giant was the first model I ever created, but has been enhanced through new textures and retopology. My original Iron Giant was not as clean as this, hence why I made it my number 1 target to keep the mesh of the camera very clean, as you can see with the wireframe. The service bot will feature in a short animation I am currently working on so keep your eyes peeled!

My Iron Giant is my golden model because it made me realise how passionate I am about this course.

Student Bio

My name is Isaac Manning, I am a first-year student going into my second year!

Originally, I was not going to go down this route, I wanted to be a physiotherapist, but deep down I’ve always had a love for film and animation. It was a bit daunting at the beginning coming to Confetti as I only had prior experience in After Effects, however, I quickly latched onto 3D. 3D amazes me because you can create anything from basic primitives. Therefore, I chose to do Visual Effects because what you can create is unlimited.

Some of my aspirations include working for companies, such as Pixar or Sony Animations doing 3D animation, but I’d also work for companies like Weta and ILM doing big budget VFX.

I just want to keep learning the entire world of VFX which is what Confetti is great for and keep creating magic!

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