Daisy Herd

About the work

To create this shot I started by finding a range of photographs I had taken in the past.

I then turned these images into assets I could use in my matte painting by removing unwanted parts, as well as changing the overall colour to make it appear more like sunset.

I built up the piece in Photoshop, starting first with painting the sky. Once I had finished, I then bought this image into Nuke, and split out the layers into 3D space. I added in the tree that I had created using a technique called photogrammetry, in which I scanned a real tree using an application on my phone, to create a textured 3D model. This could then be rendered using an animated camera, making it all appear 3D.

I was initially not pleased with how my final shot turned out, but I later went back and significantly improved it using new skills I had learnt. I managed to add multiple fully rendered versions of the spaceship, which I had modelled, as well as adding more realistic lighting and fog, to create this shot that I am more proud of.

Student Bio

Confetti was one of the first universities I visited for an open day, which I immediately loved along with Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham as a city.

I am very pleased I chose Confetti as I have met many great new friends and had great opportunities such Industry Week. Industry Week was very fun, getting to hear many professionals speak, who have jobs at companies and on films that I aspire to work on in the future.

We also had an online Industry Week during lockdown that left me feeling very inspired, and helped me realise what type of job I would like in the future.

Over the next few years I hope to create many great shot, with help from my tutors and friends, which I can used to create a showreel to help me gain a job in the industry and hopefully work in different places around the world.

You can connect with Daisy via LinkedIn.

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