Max Brown

About the work

Early on in the year, I came up with the idea of creating a fully procedural system for use within a real-time games engine.

After seeing the developments within the industry for shows like The Mandalorian, I saw that games engine technology was the future, and tried broadening my specialisation to encompass this.

With most of the project taking place within SideFX Houdini and Unreal Engine, I have carved out my niche within the industry and completed a project that made me feel genuinely fulfilled.

Following this, I hope to achieve a job within the VFX or games industry, gaining experience in a professional capacity.

Student Bio

In my studies, I had the opportunity to grow as a technical artist within the world of VFX, with help every step of the way. I’ve had opportunities to learn about the industry and become better and better within my field of Procedural Modelling and Simulations.

Confetti has helped my development as an artist and a technician, and gave me the opportunity to make many projects that I am genuinely proud of!

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