Max Brown

About the work

Late in the year, I decided that I wanted to learn how to create a heavy liquid simulation.

This led me to think of concepts. At first, I thought of having a boat sailing through choppy waters, but this proved to be too difficult of a task, due to the hardware I had access to. After this, I decided to rethink my idea on a smaller scale. I started by sculpting my whale in ZBrush, and then took it into SideFX Houdini for animation and simulation. I spent most of the time troubleshooting in this project, and pushed my PC to the edge, but the experience gained was worth it.

Eventually, I hope to attempt to improve on this project when I have got access to more powerful hardware. I would love to increase the scale and create an entire VFX shot.

Student Bio

During my first year at Confetti, I have discovered my passion as a technical VFX artist.

The teachers have been able to help me every step of the way and enabled me to grow as an artist.

During this course, I have had the opportunity learn a wide array of VFX roles, however, I have found myself drawn towards technical roles, such as Simulations and Procedural Modelling.

Confetti has helped my professional development, and given me the opportunity to explore the VFX industry.

You can connect with Max via LinkedIn.

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