Samuel Cleall

About the work

The task given was to create and texture a CG model, capture data acquisition, and composite them together to match a live action photo. The final rendered sequence I decided on was a piano I have in my home. I felt this was a good choice as I had a physical reference to work from in addition to Orthographic images.

The project initially started by taking inspiration from Disney Pixar’s film ‘Soul’. Using concept art from the film and various other films assisted in my decision making on how I wanted the final textures to look. The Piano was modelled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter + Designer, and finally comped together in Nuke.

Student Bio

During my first year at Confetti, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding of VFX, ultimately driving the passion I already had further.

One of the key things that stood out to me during my first year, was the help offered by the course tutors, encouraging me to produce work that even I did not know I could deliver. My goal is to develop my skills in Digital Matte Painting and eventually work as an environments artist at MPC in Canada.

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