Jake Bottomley

About the work

For this composited CG asset four main tasks were performed to create this final shot. Firstly using camera equipment and chrome/grey balls I collected photos in preparation for the creation of my Hdri and used the rest of the equipment to collect lighting related data.

Then once the back plates were shot I began modelling my sword inside of Maya and textured inside of Substance. Then by using the previously collected lighting and camera data I aligned my sword up with the CG environment and adjusted the CG light sources to create a final believable and realistic looking shot.

Student Bio

Starting from a Level 3 college course I have been studying VFX at Confetti for around 3 years now. I also focus more on the 3D side of VFX including processes, such as modelling, texturing, animation and lighting. As well as this, my time at Confetti has given me plenty of knowledge into the ever-changing industry through the use of the yearly hosted Industry Weeks. At these events, many guests from the VFX industry gave lectures on what life is like in the industry giving everyone there a wider understanding of what a VFX related job would be like in the future.

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