James Steeples

About the work

For my project, I was tasked to make a 3D object and texture it to make it fit with a photo.

This project involved a plethora of hurdles to get over the main one matching the object to the picture.

Not one of the smartest of decisions but I decided to learn substance painter within the last few weeks of the project. Although I feel like the risk paid off, I definitely bit off more than I could chew. Not only did I have a lot of texturing and other fun stuff to get done, but I was also tasked to capture the backplate and create an HDRI which was something I had never done before.

I packed up all the equipment and headed off to my grandma’s garage. I took all my photos and got everything working with the 3D model. After I had textured and lined everything up, I then lit the scene using the HDRI that I captured on set and used additional lights to capture more detail. I then rendered out different passes so I could fine tune it in nuke and ended up with a final result.

Student Bio

I started my journey at Confetti in 2018 with a passion for animation. Three years on and I’m still here with the same passion. Before COVID happened, we had the opportunity to meet people working within the industry, which opened my eyes to what life is like when working in VFX. Industry Week is a great way to get a lot of insider information on what things are like outside of education. Definitely an inspiration and motivation to one day work alongside the guest speakers.

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