Jana Sinakova

About the work

This creature was based on the mythological creature named Cockatrice that I have done for the creature module assignment. I have gone through different processes that I learned during lectures and my own research to produce this creature.

Firstly, I sculpted it in ZBrush using ZSpheres, different brushes, and different tools that can be found within this sculpting software.

Secondly, I did all retopology using the Quad Draw tool and created a rig, beginning with joints and finishing with controllers.

Then I animated this by looking at the reference videos of dinosaurs and roosters. And after texturing it in Substance Painter using UDIM workflow, I rendered it.

This was my first experience of creating and rigging a creature that gave me a lot of new skills and more knowledge about the processes in the VFX industry.

Student Bio

During my second year at Confetti, I was one of a few students who have studied mostly remotely due to the COVID-19 restrictions in the homeland. However, the university and tutors provided a good amount of support during this time and did everything they could to provide students with different opportunities they needed for their studies such as remote systems, and remote events.

Remote Industry Week was very encouraging and interesting to me because it gave me an opportunity to meet people from the industry, listen to their stories, and learn how something is done in the industry.

Confetti helped me developed a lot of skills and knowledge that can help me prepare for the industry.

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