Group Project – Parking Meteor

About the work

We were tasked at the start of the year to create a sequence of images that involved compositing. For our idea, we wanted to film within the Peak District however, with the Christmas lockdown in place we didn’t know if we would have time to book out the equipment and film in time. So at Christmas, we changed our idea to Sci-Fi. Our sequence was 7 shots long where we had the main element being CG now and with greenscreen footage over the top.

This presented a plethora of challenges that we had to overcome in order to achieve the final result. Luckily, throughout most of the production and post-production, we could go into Confetti and work together under the same roof, which helped a lot when trying to transfer files over and make sure everyone is working on the same thing.

Student Bio

Our time at Confetti has been a fun and challenging experience. One of the main issues this year has been working around Covid and making sure we can still get everything out of Confetti, like Industry Week and trips to studios etc. It was a great week and opened our eyes to what went on in the industry, with talks from people like Michael Wilde. Hopefully, in year two, we will have the opportunity to go out on trips and do more normal activities.

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