Philip Day

About the work

Both Emerging Tech and VFX Production submissions required a good understanding of the Unreal Engine with extensive research/reference materials used in creating a photorealistic environment with good daytime lighting and particle effects.

3D modelling was used with Maya and ZBrush to create additional assets for the scene.  This includes the skull used for my look development module that was used in both scenes with different texturing, that required substantial research in bone/teeth materials, including how they look with exposure to environment and light conditions to get a photorealistic look.

Texturing was carried out with Adobe Substance, with additional 3D work done in Maya for lighting and rendering.  Nuke was also used for compositing with Maya and Unreal renders where needed and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Student Bio

I started my creative journey at Confetti with past experience of Photoshop on a graphic design course.

With the excellent tuition and facilities available I have completed all VFX modules to a good standard with a particular interest in environment/matte painting work and various aspects of 3d modelling.

I have been grateful for the opportunities Confetti has given me in the various trips and Industry Week presentations that has given me great insight into the world of VFX by some highly experienced VFX Professionals working for prestigious VFX Houses including ILM and Framestore.

I hope with what I have learnt I will get to work in the creative industry working on projects for films, television and video games.

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