Eleanor Green

About the work

This project focused on the process of creating a 3D creature from initial idea to animated asset. This is an area that really interests me and I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to create a three-headed hydra with each head being based on a different animal.

I started with some initial sketches then created the model in ZBrush. I approached the creation of the model by splitting it up into five different levels. This ensured that I had core features, such as anatomy included to help make the creature look more realistic and the smaller details, like scales across the model.

I then use Autodesk Maya to retopologise, UV map and rig the model which I then used to animate. I based the animation on the flight cycles of birds and bats. I created the final showreel using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti two years ago on the VFX degree. Starting with no knowledge of VFX I have always felt supported by the course team, who have always helped me with any issues or areas in the course I’m struggling with, to help me achieve the best work I can.

I’ve had amazing opportunities to meet and learn from experienced members of the industry, this has been in both course modules and during Industry Week. This has allowed me to start building a professional network, as well as having a realistic view of my path after university.

There is a really nice sense of community on the course and I’m looking forward to the third year where I have a project focusing on the area of work I want to pursue after university.

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