Group Project – Edge of Time

About the work

This project shows the completion of our first full VFX sequence, worked on by 7 students. Each person played a part in creating the final product, working on different roles in the sequence, including modelling, texturing, animating, compositing and much more.

At the start of the project, the group decided on creating a sci-fi scene based on different movies, and even games, such as Prometheus, Gravity, Interstellar and Elite Dangerous. We had many different ideas and started putting our sequence together through the process of pre-visualisation. With several shots agreed on, the team split into smaller groups, based on the shots required and took to roles based on people’s strengths and preferences.

Overall, the group was extremely happy with the result, which came from the combination of multiple software packages, including Maya, ZBrush, Houdini & Nuke. During the process, we all agreed that we had worked to challenge our induvial weaknesses and helped each other to improve in areas that we may not have felt comfortable in before starting the project.

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